Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prime Minister Buying Votes In Quebec- Things That Conflict With Yom Kippur

Our beloved Prime Minister Steven Harper was in Montreal today buying votes and spreading the gospel according to Oswald Mosley. (with him in charge sovereignty is sounding better and better)  I was going to check on line what he had to say but I don't care and I don't believe a word he says. Something about an
F-16 contract  aimed to keep Canada safe from attacking Soviets and help in the killing of Afghan civilians. (Can you tell how proud I am to be a Canadian) Then he gave a pretentious smile and said more BS.

 The Category is Things That Conflict With Yom Kippur

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Cammie Novara said...

This article by the leading blogger on Hubpages (one of America's top 125 websites) describes a completely innovative and effective solution to the ongoing Quebec issue. He envisions the creation of a Canadian Capital District stretching from Ottawa to the West Island and to just east of Cornwall where bilingual rights are strictly protected, and which can also act as a tax-exempt Free Foreign Trade Zone to boost the area's economic development:

Skinny Dipper said...

Yes, events will conflict with Yom Kippur. However, the world can't stop because of this holiday.

Tom said...

So you condemn Harper for what he said while stating that you don't know what he said !
I guess he should have sent Iggy to do the announcment then you may have actually read what was said.

karl knox said...

Dear Tom - If you are applying to be our resident troll you're going to have to pay attention to the narrative. Rob's point, I believe, was that Harper was going to say the same old stuff he's been saying all yyear long -- and indeed if you follow the link he had nothing new to say during his visit to montreal: "Eeeeek! The coalition monster!"

Robert P. said...

dear Skinny not saying the world should stop- just pointing out the conflict in what i thought was slightly comical, with 52 Saturdays to choose from I'm all for the bbq to be the holiest holiday of the Jewish faith.

Hey Tom,
I knew what Stevo said, hence the airplane contract comment, just didn't think my time is well spent putting the links or quoting his BS.When did I post anything that Iggy said unless your thinking of MR.Pop

have a great day all. Rob